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In case of wrong purchase:

Senza Idea Casa is unable to return a product purchased incorrectly.

We therefore recommend that you check the purchase you want to complete before proceeding with the actual payment.

How should I proceed when receiving a shipment?

All our items come out of the warehouse with the packaging in perfect condition.

The first thing to do is to verify that the number of packages received coincides with those sent. Then, check each neck externally paying close attention, to see if there are signs of possible blows or manipulations, such as: barrel, dents, holes, boxes in poor state, courier tape or any signs that may have made you suspect that the goods may have been damaged. It is mandatory to leave a signature on the courier delivery note, whether on paper or on a handheld computer (PDA) "VISIBLY DETERIORATED PACKAGE", if these signs are present. Do not sign a package as VISIBLY DETERIORATED and subsequently present photos showing that there was visible damage on the same, it will be a reason to refuse the practice automatically.

What can I do in the event of an accident? (Breakage during transport, Wrong product, Missing some products, Missing parts)

On Senza Idea Casa you have up to 5 consecutive days from receipt of the goods to open a file from your Home Idealess account through the Contact Us section. After this period of time, transport insurance can no longer be claimed.

• Order not received,for information on shipments that have not yet been received or for shipments in which not all submitted packages have been received (partial receipt).

• Order Received,to communicate problems after receiving all the packages of the order. All necessary documents will have to be submitted in exactly the way they are requested. Sending incorrect, inaccurate documents, or the absence of them, will cancel the possibility of any type of complaint and the elimination of the file will be carried out.

You will need to make a clear explanation in detail in the Comments field. You will also need to add the requested photos of the subject of the complaint among the attached files.

In which cases Senza Idea Casa will not refund 100% the value of the products?

If the product shows clear signs of improper use, unjustified damage or arrives in poor condition;

If the product is delivered without packaging, with damaged packaging or with transport labels that render the packaging unusable - 50% of the value of the product will be discounted; e

If the product is delivered with missing parts or accessories or the description of the incident is not real - the product will not be refunded.

Very important: No refund will be made for products returned to Senza Idea Casa that are not defective or whose description of the incident is not real.

When is the money refunded?

Once the goods arrive at our warehouses, and after you check it, you will proceed to the refund. It should be considered that the refund operation could be extended for several weeks to evaluate the goods received.