7Ft Christmas Tree With Star L …

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This artificial Christmas tree does not require maintenance and provides the festive atmosphere of a live tree, allowing you to easily prepare for the holiday at home. The pre-stranded LED lights of this Christmas tree flash together to decorate the room. This spruce material is fire-resistant and non-allergenic, and you can put it wherever you like. Equipped with a sturdy iron frame, this Christmas tree is stable and durable and has a long service life. Compared with cheap plastic brackets, our steel brackets will provide greater support and balance for trees.


Simple installation: all lights are pre-stringed and ready to emit light

A variety of decoration methods: Although it includes stars and lights, you can still add your favorite decorations

Our Christmas tree is equipped with star lights. Each star is well-made and can withstand close observation. When the light is turned on, it flashes like a real star

Peso 5,00 kg
Dimensioni 5000 × 5000 × 21336 cm



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