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This String is Battery style. But it without battery because of some deliver rules, please understand.
Battery style need AA battery.
Made of high quality material, durable for daily use.
Continuous work through Battery box.
Energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
Long lifespan: more than 50000 hours.
Easy to decorate your Home, your Life, Christmas, Party, etc.

Specifications:1-20m ordinary plug-in type/remote control plug-in type/normal battery type/battery remote control type/USB type
Power supply:The battery type uses 3 AA batteries, and the plug-in type household 220V socket
Material:1.6mm thick transparent wire, 0.06 watts L .ED lamp beads, plastic stars/hair balls
Size:3 cm diameter of fur balls, 3 cm diameter of stars
Nursing:Just wipe with a dry towel

Package Content:

1x light

Peso 0,20 kg
Dimensioni 200 × 200 × 100 cm

6m 40lamp battery warm white, 6m 40lamp battery color, 4M battery white, 2Mbattery multicolor, 2M battery white, 3M battery white


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