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1. Thick, soft and fluffy plush materials you will like
2. Our Santa hats have comfortable padding inside
3. Suitable for Christmas, carnival, fancy dress party, etc.
4. Perfect accessories, help to create a festive atmosphere
5. Comfortable, breathable and durable

Product information:

Material: plush
Color: red and white
Category: Christmas hat
Craft: Sewing
Material: The brim is Shanghai style long hair, the red cap body is short plush, and the cap ball is Shanghai style long hair wrapped in polyester cotton

Size Information:
Adult model 45CM*32CM, child model (length 38cm, width 28cm)

Plush Christmas hat x1

Peso 0,08 kg
Dimensioni 280 × 160 × 40 cm

Adult models, Childrens length 38cm width


Red and white


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