Non-slip, non-slip safety corn …

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Non-slip, non-slip safety corner cover for fixing the quilt

product description:
Do not pile duvets, blankets or duvets again.
Main features
Easy to open and close: The unique patented design makes them very easy to install and disassemble. No need for a separate electromagnetic key!
Lightweight and low profile-when fully closed, each clip weighs less than 0.25 ounces and measures less than one inch. Say goodbye to clumsy clips or heavy magnets, which can damage the quilt and reduce its weight.
As thin as a safety pin: our needle is only 0.8mm in diameter, which is about the size of a needle. It is sharp enough to pierce multiple layers of fabric with minimal pressure.
No need to break the needle: use a soft silicone material instead of the needle, you no longer need to worry about the needle hurting you.
Different thickness equipment-equipped with two different length (15mm / 25mm) soft silicone needles, which can meet the needs of different thicknesses of quilts in different seasons.
1. Take out the soft needle of appropriate length.
2. Insert the smaller end of the soft needle into the needle of the spray cylinder.
3. Insert the side of the button slot down into the NeedleCylinder.
4. Insert the quilt to lock it in place.
5. Insert the other end of the soft needle into the slot on the button.

Technical index
Material: soft silicone
Products include:
1. Fine needle push needle 1 + 24 silicone soft sleeve + 200 plastic needle (suitable for quilts under 5kg)
2. Fine needle push needle 1 + 48 silicone soft sleeve + 400 plastic needle  (suitable for quilts under 5kg)

Due to manual measurement, there may be slight measurement deviations.
Due to different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the product may be slightly different from the color shown in the picture.

Peso 0,05 kg
Dimensioni 150 × 120 × 20 cm

24pc set, 48pc set


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