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White Artificial Christmas
Tree, 8ft Full Tree, with Metal Stand


  • 100% brand new and high quality

  • Product
    Name: White Christmas Tree

  • Quantity:

  • Color:
    white flocking

  • Material:
    PVC+metal base

  • Tree
    height: 2.4 meters/8FT

  • Branches:

  • Packing
    size: 130x27x13cm

  • Net
    weight: 7kg

  • Gross

selling points:

  • White flocking snow flakes with snowflakes: The leaves of the snow-making
    tree create a unique feeling of coldness, making this Christmas tree an
    eye-catching decoration in any room during the holiday.

  • This simple Christmas tree without lights (21 snowflakes included). You can use your imagination to unite your
    family and friends and decorate the Christmas tree. This is more meaningful
    and impressive. Snow flakes can also reflect the winter holiday atmosphere.

  • Comfortable artificial Christmas tree, very suitable for medium to large

  • Simple installation: easy to assemble, disassemble and store, quickly and
    easily assemble the tree, making Christmas preparations easy.

  • It
    is made of high-quality PVC material and uses various techniques to give it
    a natural appearance.

  • Tips:  Because
    we want to reduce the amount of packaging, the branches of the Christmas
    tree will be pressed together when the product is received. You need to
    manually disconnect the branch yourself. This will not delay you for a long
    time. Instead, you can enjoy yourself. If there are children at home, you
    can exercise his hands-on ability. Snow will fall during manual branching,
    which is normal


Package Content:

  • 1PC
    x Christmas Tree

  • 21xSnowflake(Only with 21 snowflakes, other
    decorations are not included)

Peso 7,30 kg
Dimensioni 1300 × 270 × 130 cm





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